Tokaj-Portius Vineyards

Winery-residence: 3950 Sárospatak, Kazinczy Street 8
Winery: Hercegkút, Gombos-hegyi Pincesor (Row of Cellars)

Mobil: +36 30 303 9209
Fax: +36 47 315 177



Currently the winery manages 5 hectares of vineyards, an area that I intend to increase. Our vineyards are located on three hillsides stretching from Tolcsva to the outskirts of Sárospatak and thus they lie in the centre of the historic wine region of Tokaj Hegyalja.

Tolcsva - Kincsem hillside (3.7ha)

The largest area of my winery is situated on the Kincsem hillside (3.7 hectares). This first class grape-producing territory is located on the eastern side of the Tolcsva Basin. The Furmint and Hárslevelű grapevines are separated. The Furmint plantation lies on the southwest-facing side of the hillside, while the Hárslevelű vine stocks are on the south, southeast. Its distinctiveness lies in the mineral rich soil based on volcanic rock mostly andesite. The geologic features of the soil are varied; in addition to the andesite they contain rhyolite tuff and pyroxene-andesite too.

Sárospatak Király-hegy hillside (1 ha)

The speciality of the Furmint plantation on Király-hegy (King’s Hill) lies in its superb capacity for the over ripening of the berries with noble rot (Botrytis Cinerea), that results in an excellent ability for sugar concentration necessary for the sweet aszú wines of Tokaj. Indeed, most of my aszú wines come from this hillside. In addition, in good years I can also produce late-harvest wines made from the overripe berries grown here. This hillside has a southeast aspect and its soil is rich is minerals. Grapes grown here provide elegantly delicate wines that are also perfectly suited to the reductive process as well.

Erdőhorváti – Kő'csere hillside (0.3 ha)

My very first and smallest Furmint plantation lies on the outskirts of Erdőhorváti on the Kő’csere hillside. Due to its small area, the grapes grown here are generally used for blending. This vineyard also possesses the ability to produce bunches that host the beneficial noble rot that makes Tokaj wines what they are.In addition to these, I also purchase grapes from other vineyards (Zsadány, Seréd, Vecse, Rány hillsides)

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