Tokaj-Portius Cellar

Winery-residence: 3950 Sárospatak, Kazinczy Street 8
Winery: Hercegkút, Gombos-hegyi Pincesor (Row of Cellars)

Mobil: +36 30 303 9209
Fax: +36 47 315 177


The Cellar

The cellar row of the Gombos-hegyi Pincesor in Tokaj Hegyalja is part of the world heritage – and deservedly so. Situated on the edge of Hercegkút, just 3 km from Sárospatak. Gombos-hegy it is well worth visiting for the hobbit-like cellars, its distinctive flora and fauna, and the Calvary leading to the top of the hill from where there is a splendid view up into the hills and across the historic city of Sárospatak and the River Bodrog floodplain. The panorama from this special place is truly unforgettable as is the sunset from the Portius Cellar.

The cellars are located on four levels, one top of another reflecting the traditional method of building cellars carved into the volcanic tuff rock and the old rustic way of living. It is in this row of cellars that the Portius Cellar was built, aiming at preserving the built heritage with its traditional frontage so as to blend into the original. The interior of the cellar is a blend of the modern and the traditional and is elegant, spectacular and significant in size. Therefore it is suitable for processing the harvested grapes, ageing, and maturing, as well as providing a suitable home for presenting and tasting the wines at their place of origin.

My cellar is always open those wine lovers who are eager to explore Tokaj Hegyalja and desire to taste fine wines. Welcome.

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