ifj. Hörcsik Richárd

Winery-residence: 3950 Sárospatak, Kazinczy Street 8
Winery: Hercegkút, Gombos-hegyi Pincesor (Row of Cellars)

Mobil: +36 30 303 9209
Fax: +36 47 315 177



I am delighted to welcome all you wine lovers to the website of Tokaj Portius Winery. You are about to become acquainted with the fresh wines of a young winemaker who will be pleased to accompany you on a wine tasting in his inviting cellar.

I graduated with a degree in agriculture, viticulture and viniculture, and am the first generation in my family to become a professional winemaker. Since I did not inherited vineyards, a cellar or professional experience, I have had to start from the very beginning, and learn and create on my own. The love of grapes and wine is however the heritage of my ancestors. I learned the basics of practical winemaking in one of the most modern wineries of the Tokaj wine region, a leading light in the area. And it was here I acquired the philosophy of quality winemaking, as well as a deeper understanding of the great opportunities the Tokaj Hegyalja region offers. The wines produced in my winery are made from grapes from vineyards covering a total of 5 hectares planted with the following grape varieties: Furmint, Hárslevelű, Muscat Lunel, and Chardonnay. My first vintage was produced in 2005. The success of the vintages of the following years helped me through the initial difficulties. While making my wines I intend to emphasize the individuality of the vineyards and the fields, alongside getting to know them ever more closely. It is important to note the significance of the opportunities offered by each vintage and their selective use.

Tokaj Hegyalja has bequeathed an intellectual heritage to the culture of winemaking. Preserving this value is the duty of the cellars so as to serve a universally acclaimed product that is unique: the Tokaj wines. My main ambition is to follow in this tradition and create just such wines. The magic of the wine itself is provided by the vineyard where the wine is born. It lies in the soil, the climate, the microclimate, the minerals in the hills, and the warmth of sunshine. A bunch of ripe grapes separated from the grapevine is reborn in the form of wine, just as an infant starts life and begins to mature. The winemaker makes every effort to give us that magic when we open a bottle of mature wine, so as to invite all the beauty that nature has provided us with. That magic continues to exist in us.

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